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NCM Core Global

NCM Core Global offers exposure to global equity markets, targeting an attractive long-term return with lower volatility than the market.

This fund holds high-quality and lower-risk securities. It aims to produce attractive long-term returns with less volatility, and has the ability to be fully currency hedged. It is run by an experienced and proven team with a disciplined approach to portfolio management.

Phil D'Iorio, MBA, CFA

Phil D'Iorio, MBA, CFA

Investment Management

I search around the globe for best-of-breed companies trading at attractive valuations. And I spend a significant amount of time thinking about portfolio construction to ensure that the portfolio is optimized to reflect where we are in the cycle.

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Fund Benefits

Be more active Icon

Be more active

This fund exhibits high active share. Use it alone or pair it with passive or index-like funds for an excellent balance of cost, performance and risk.

Reduce risk Icon

Reduce risk

This fund aims for low-beta performance. Use it to add global equity exposure to a portfolio while keeping volatility in check.

Lower costs Icon

Lower costs

This fund offer Z Series, which caps the management fee at $1,000 + taxes per year. Take advantage of this feature for some of the lowest costs in Canada.

Risk Rating

Risk Rating: 3 of 5


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