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NCM Core Equity solutions offer exposure to Canadian, global and international equities with high active share, low volatility and some of the lowest fees in Canada. Use them as core building blocks in portfolio construction.

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Look different than the index

Core Equity solutions exhibit high active share. Use them alone or pair them with passive or index-like funds for an excellent balance of cost, performance and risk.

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Reduce Portfolio Risk

Core Equity solutions have a track record of low-beta performance. Use them to add equity exposure to a portfolio while keeping volatility in check.

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Flat Fees with Z Series

Core Equity solutions offer Z Series, which caps the management fee at $1,000 + taxes per year. Take advantage of this feature for some of the lowest management fees in Canada on larger account sizes.

Z Series Calculator

It’s not what you make, but what you keep

Try the Z Series calculator to see how much you could save


In 10 years
You would save $61,453 by using our Z Series over an F Series
Your investment would be worth $87,258 more!


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