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NCM Income Solutions can generate fixed monthly distributions without depleting your capital. Use this income to fund retirement or offset living costs, or reinvest it for automatic dollar cost averaging.

Draw pure income Icon

Draw pure income

The Income Solutions have a long history of delivering fixed monthly distributions. Use this predictability to cover retirement expenses, mortgage payments, or other fixed income needs.

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Preserve capital

The Income Solutions pay distributions that are comprised almost entirely of interest, dividends and capital gains. Take advantage of this to feature to enjoy steady income without depleting your capital.

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Be tax-efficient

Our corporate class solutions have special tax advantages, such as deducting sone of their operating costs from their taxable interest income and reclassifying foreign dividends as Canadian.

Income Solutions that you can count on every month

Browse these investor stories to see some of our amazing results. Download the Income Solutions Book for more details, including the month-by-month NAVs for every case study.


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