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Alternative Funds


NCM Alternative Funds have access to both long and short trading strategies in order to pursue superior risk-adjusted returns. Use them as core equity and fixed income holdings.

Pursue outperformance Icon

Pursue outperformance

The ability to hold short positions means stocks with negative prospects can actually enhance returns.

Manage volatility Icon

Manage volatility

Pairing of long and short positions can help reduce the upward and downward extremes of the market.

Balance priorities Icon

Balance priorities

Combine these funds for customized exposure to the growth of equities and the stability of fixed income.

Assemble your portfolio

Working with your advisor, you can choose a combination of Kipling Funds to optimize your return potential within your risk tolerance.

Kipling Enhanced Global Dividend Fund Icon

Kipling Enhanced Global Dividend Fund

This fund aims for steady growth with low volatility. A great way to carefully grow your capital over time.

Kipling Global Enhanced Growth Fund Icon

Kipling Global Enhanced Growth Fund

This fund aims for superior long-term growth. Choose it for opportunities with above-average potential.

Kipling Strategic Income Fund Icon

Kipling Strategic Income Fund

This fund aims to surpass traditional bonds and GICs. Designed for stability with attractive income.