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John Poulter, CFA

Chief Capital Markets Strategist

My role

I am a senior Portfolio Manager and participant in the Global Asset Allocation Team. I also use my proprietary analytical tools to help guide our funds. As one of the founding members of NCM’s parent company, I believe part of my role is to be a mentor and guide to those around me.

What I enjoy about work

Interacting daily with smart, energetic professionals is very rewarding. Problem solving and contributing as one of the more senior members of the team is fulfilling and it creates a sense of accomplishment. Understanding that our team is dedicated to producing best-in-class funds and investment solutions for our clients adds a rewarding challenge.

How I got here

I knew early on that I was interested in the investment industry. I wrote and received my Canadian Securities Course in 1982 while I was still at school at the University of British Columbia. I obtained my CFA designation in 1991.

Financial Econometrics was a new field in the investment world when I graduated, and it provided me a unique angle to begin my career. Econometrics lends itself well to risk management, portfolio building and asset allocation, all of which are critical to fund management. I’ve continued to build on that formative education and continue to apply these skills today.

What I do outside of work

When I’m not at the office I enjoy many activities with my teenaged sons and hobbies of my own. With my boys, the focus is sports where we enjoy skiing, motocross motorcycling and battling it out on a squash court. My personal physical objective is to stay fit through a dedicated gym routine that I hope helps keep me active for decades to come. My main personal hobby includes collecting, tinkering, and riding antique motorbikes, many of which are over 60 years old.

Favourite advice

In the investment world, cycles repeat themselves. “It's different this time” is a very dangerous statement.


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