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September 16, 2022

Introducing the new NCM

NCM investments has always been about creatively supporting financial advisors and their clients. Now we have even more ways to help.

In today’s world, achieving your financial goals may seem more difficult than ever. This is especially true if you seek better returns than those available from index funds - or funds that merely look like the index.

At NCM, we believe that doing things a little bit differently can make a big difference. Things like having high active share, building concentrated portfolios, and focusing on after-tax results.

In fact, much of what we do is difficult for larger institutions to imitate. Perhaps that’s why our funds so often contrast and complement mainstream funds and ETFs.

But there’s another major difference at NCM: We are truly made for advice.

We pride ourselves on working closely with the best and brightest financial advisors across Canada.

Experts who bring understanding, knowledge and even a little creativity to the pursuit of important financial goals.

Professionals who are open to innovation around investment performance, retirement planning, lowering fees and reducing risk.

We have adopted the phrase "Made for Advice" as more than just a tagline - it's a daily reminder of our strategic commitment to our financial advisor partners.

New design and great tools

As part of this commitment, we have created a more modern brand design and a new website with great features and tools, such as:

If you are new to NCM, we welcome your questions and look forward to getting to know you.

And, if you are among the thousands of investors and financial advisors who have been with us since 1999, we say thank you for your support…

…and the best is yet to come.



NCM Team

NCM is made for advice. We’ve been creatively solving the issues facing financial advisors and their clients since 1999.