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July 21, 2023

Practice Management: Who Are You?

Wan Kim, our Senior VP of National Sales and Marketing, on standing out in the marketplace by knowing who you are.


Hi, I'm Wan Kim, Senior Vice President, national sales and marketing for NCM Investments. Today's Expert Insight topic is: Who are you?

What we want to do is give you some insights on how you can stand apart in a crowded space. And I'll do that by using me as an example. I'm the growth coach, and what that means is I help Canadians through innovations like our Z series, I help advisors grow their business, I help my staff and my sales team grow.

And to give you context, so my wholesalers are experts and I've challenged them to be experts. I have a wholesaler who defines himself as an expert in simplicity. I have a wholesaler who's an expert in perspective.

There's so much noise in the industry, so many different voices and opinions, and he's able to boil it down and help Canadians make a very informed decision. I have a wholesaler who's an expert in efficiency. We have expertise and we know who we are. But I want to know who you are.

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