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April 18, 2023

Practice Management: The Reference Letter

Wan Kim, our Senior VP of National Sales and Marketing, on how a reference letter can showcase your skill - and who to ask for one.


Hi, everybody. I'm Wan Kim, Senior Vice President, National Sales & Marketing for NCM Investments. Today's expert insight: the reference letter. The best way to show off who you are is to get someone else to endorse you.

Now, there's a whole bunch of ways that you can build on reference letters to showcase your successes and the way you provide a great client experience.

The obvious is your clients themselves. If you work with doctors and lawyers or engineers or a specific group, and that's a target market that you really work well, why not have some of them write you a letter of reference so that you can showcase to potential clients that you're the perfect person to work with them?

But it's not just limited to investors. Think about the suppliers that you work with. At NCM, we work with thousands and thousands of great investment advisors, and if some of them asked me for a letter of reference, I'd be happy to provide it.

There's also ways of using social media to enhance your references. There's LinkedIn, there's Facebook, Google reviews. But the first step of getting a reference is asking for it.

So think about your repeatable process and providing a great client experience and then have the people that you believe would be a great centre of influence for a reference.

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