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January 05, 2023

Practice Management: The Elevator Pitch

Wan Kim, our Senior VP of National Sales and Marketing, shares the best investment advisor elevator pitch he’s ever heard.


Hi, everybody. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Wan Kim, Senior Vice President, National Sales and Marketing for NCM Investments. We're here talking about our Expert Insights piece. Today's topic, the elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch? By definition, you have to define who you are in a ride down the elevator with a total stranger.

Investment advisors try very hard to stand apart from a very crowded market space. And the best elevator pitch I've heard in my entire career was an investment advisor who goes, “Wan! Wan! Ask me what I do! Ask me what I do!” And I said, “Okay, what do you do?” and he goes, “I make millionaires.”

And I just stopped. And it was a really good piece because he said the formula for making money is time, money and rate of return. If my clients give me some money, give me the proper time and I find good investment products. I'll make them millionaires.

The idea of a good elevator pitch for you if you're tuning in and watching, is how do you stand apart in a very crowded marketplace? Everyone is working towards delivering great returns and a great experience for Canadians, but what's that extra difference?

At NCM, we've done some things that make us different. We want to help you look different as you work with Canadians to grow your business.

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