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February 13, 2023

Practice Management: Apply For The Job

Wan Kim, our Senior VP of National Sales and Marketing, on how to apply to become a client’s new investment advisor.


Hi, I'm Wan Kim, Senior Vice President, National Sales and Marketing for NCM Investments. Today's expert insight: Apply for the job.

The best way I've seen in my career for advisors to highlight who they are, showcase all their accomplishments, their successes, their education, their credentials, is apply for the job.

Now, think about this. If someone is applying for a job to work for you, you have to look at their resume. And on that resume, you get to see all these points, all these different pieces, all these things on a piece of paper that summarizes why this candidate is better than another candidate. And you have to make a decision.

It's no different for a Canadian trying to decide who should I work with? Should I work with a robot? Should I work with with a bank teller? Should I work with an investment professional? Those are choices that they have to make and they have to make them quickly.

Change the narrative and apply for the job to be their investment adviser and say, “I want to work with you and I'm applying to be your investment advisor. Here's why you need to hire me to be your investment professional.”

And then on one piece of paper, put all the key points that showcase why you're so awesome, and now you're able to build on that, to earned the job to be their investment advisor.

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