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May 09, 2023

New! NCM Small Companies Class booklet

Great small companies are everywhere. Some are household names, but many fly below the radar. See how these “mini-blue chips” can drive out-sized returns.

Imagine if you could own Canada’s blue chip stocks of tomorrow, today. That’s exactly the opportunity that NCM Small Companies Class seeks to deliver.

Click here to download an investor-friendly booklet and learn:

  • 3 ways we identify promising “mini-blue chips”
  • 4 factors that lead to outperformance (with examples)
  • 5 of the best under-the-radar names today

You’ll also see why we focus on dividend-paying companies, and what makes our dividend universe nearly 3x larger than many others.

For further insight into how this fund can complement and enhance your conventional Canadian equity holdings, please drop us a line at



Wealth Creation Team

Managing concentrated portfolios that aim for wealth beyond the index by investing in high-quality, profitable companies.