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NCM is made for advice

We’ve been creatively solving the issues facing financial advisors and their clients since 1999. In fact, our perspectives on topics like performance, fees and risk might surprise you.

In a world of investment supermarkets, we’re a specialty boutique. We are active managers with strong opinions and concentrated portfolios that often contrast and complement mainstream funds and ETFs.

We believe that a little creativity can go a long way towards helping Canadians achieve their financial goals. And we're always looking for financial advisors who agree.

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We’ve seen a lot of market cycles over the past few decades. Our award-winning funds have prospered through it all, earning us two nominations for Wealth Professional Fund Provider of the Year.

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We invest in companies with histories of positive earnings that often pay dividends. We select management teams that build profitable and sustainable businesses. This focus on quality drives superior risk-adjusted return potential.

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We’re an independent company with the freedom and flexibility to innovate. We’ve pioneered solutions ranging from no-cost automatic switching between funds to the first flat-fee funds series in Canada.

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We're closely allied with some of the best and brightest financial advisors across Canada. Our portfolio managers and decision makers are open and accessible. We value close collaboration and invest in practice management support.