NCM Asset Management Ltd. Announces Proposed Fund Mergers and Securityholder Meetings

February 11, 2020

CALGARY, Alberta –  NCM Asset Management Ltd. (“NCM”), the manager of a strategically focused group of public mutual funds, alternative investment funds, and related products and services, announced plans to merge NCM Energy Plus Class (the “Terminating Fund”) into NCM Small Companies Class (the “Continuing Fund”), subject to all required securityholder and regulatory approvals.

If the requisite approvals are obtained, it is anticipated that the proposed merger will be implemented on or about May 15, 2020.

A meeting of the Independent Review Committee (“IRC”) of the funds was held on February 7, 2020 to review the proposed merger and the IRC determined that the proposed merger, if implemented, will achieve a fair and reasonable result for the funds.

NCM announced that the special securityholder meetings for each of the Terminating Fund and Continuing Fund called to consider the proposed merger have been scheduled for on or about May 4, 2020 for securityholders of record as of March 31, 2020. A management information circular providing details of the proposed mergers, as well as other related proxy materials, will be sent to those securityholders entitled to receive them in the ordinary course.  These documents will also be available on SEDAR at

Pursuant to the proposed merger, the Continuing Fund will acquire all or substantially all of the net assets of the Terminating Fund and securityholders of the Terminating Fund will exchange their shares of the Terminating Fund for shares of the Continuing Fund such that securityholders of the Terminating Fund will become securityholders of the Continuing Fund.  As soon as reasonably possible following completion of the proposed merger, the Terminating Fund will be terminated. All costs and expenses associated with the proposed merger will be borne by NCM. 

Securityholders of the Terminating Fund will have the right to redeem securities of, and make switches out of, the fund up to the close of business on the business day prior to the effective date of the applicable proposed merger.

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For over 20 years, NCM has been one of Canada’s leaders in actively managed investment products. With a family of actively managed funds, NCM has earned multiple awards recognizing its investment success. NCM is an independent Canadian investment firm with offices in Calgary and Toronto, distributing retail mutual funds and related products and services to Canadian investors, through a third party distribution channel.

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