NCM Balanced Income Portfolio

  • Mutual Fund Trust
  • F Series
  • CDN$

About the Fund

A global neutral balanced fund that aims to provide investors with a balance of income and long-term growth

  • Current Price

    Feb 23, 2019

  • $24.89

    $0.08 (0.32%)

Investment Managers

Fund Traits

  1. A global neutral balanced fund that balances long-term growth and stable income

  2. A multi-asset model that tactically blends several unique investment mandates

  3. Provides investors with geographic and sector diversification beyond the Canadian market

as at Oct 1, 2018Dividends

  • 2019 YTD-
  • 2018$0.131

Portfolio Allocation (%)

As of Oct 1, 2018
  • Holding%
  • International Equity4.0
  • Global Equity26.0
  • Canadian Large Cap Equity15.0
  • Canadian Small Cap Equity2.0
  • Fixed Income42.0
  • Global Infrastructure6.0
  • Global Real Estate6.0

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